Buxa Tiger Reserve :
Buxa Jungle Lodges are located at Rajabhatkhawa within the forest areas of Buxa Tiger Reserve. Lying at the foothills of Bhutan-Jainti hills (Sinchula – Eastern Himalayan), Buxa Tiger Reserve with its panoramic landscape covers 761 Sq km of forest area. Several important rivers, viz. Kaljani, Dima, Bala, Jainti, Rydak and Sankosh have intersected the tiger reserve area. The forest is a multi-tier vegetation assemblage with wide variation from 300mt in the foothills to 1750 mt. in the hills.

Buxa Tiger Reserve harbours a wide range of animal diversity, which includes 68 species of mammals, 41 species of reptiles, 4 species of amphibians, 33 species of fishes and 264 species of birds. The floral diversity includes 352 species of trees, 133 species of shrubs, 189 species of herbs and wild array of climbers, grasses and orchids,

Another important place is Buxa Duar. The Buxa area is the only mountainous tract of Jalpaiguri district. Chjotto Sinchula Range offers a splendid view all around. BUXA FORT which was used by the British Govt. as a political Prisoner’s detention camp since 1930 is located at an elevation of 2457 ft in the erstwhile Buxa Cantonment. It was abandoned 1951. Now it is standing as a colossal ruin reminding us the glorious chapters of the struggle for independence of India.

Trekking routes :
The enthusiastic tourists and nature lovers can enjoy the following trekking tourists –
  • Santrabari to Buxa Fort (5 km)
  • Buxa Fort to Rovers point (3 KM)
  • Santrabari to Roopang valley (14 KM)
  • Buxa Fort to Lepchakhawa (5 KM)
  • Buxa Fort to Chunabhati (4 KM)

JAINTI – a paradise for nature lovers :
Jainti is 20 KM away from Rajabhatkhawa and is situated within the core area of Buxa Tiger Reserve. Jainti is the best place for bird watching. While passing through the woods, green pigeon, Peacock, Hornbill, Parakeet, Woodpecker are a common sight. Racket tailed Drongo, Red Starts, Ashy Minivets, Rollers, Paradise Flycatcher will be a bird watcher’s joy. Call of Red Jungle Fowl is as common as the musical sound of crickets. You just can’t stop clicking your camera seeing a Hill Myna or Asian Fairy Bluebird while crossing Bala or Jainti River.

One can also trek to Pokhri hill at Tashigaon, Mahakal temple (7 km), Phaskhawa & Chuniajhora Tea garden from Jainti. Entry pass for 27th mile forests, 23rd mile Watch tower, Glades of North Rajabhatkhawa is to be collected from Jainti Range.


A day trip can be made to this place which is located at a distance of about 45km from Buxa Jungle Lodge ( Rajabhatkhawa) the road to which passes through a number of tea gardens and forests. Nestled amidst the hilly ranges and lush green forests Raimatang is famous for its scenic beauty. The only means of accommodation there is a forest bungalow located just a little way above the Raimatang river. The area is extremely rich in bird diversity and one can get to watch hill mynas, red breasted parakeets, orioles, different species of wood peckers, pied hornbill, and black crested bulbul just sitting in front of the forest bunglow.

  • Raimatang to Pukhri ( 5km)
  • Raimatang to Adma (14 km )

Around Buxa Tiger Reserve :